Our mission


Photo of a man with his dog.

Improve the living conditions of people with visual disabilities or reduced mobility. Assist in particular those among them who are not eligible for the paratransit service, in their travels by means of a personalized and safe accompaniment service.

Raise awareness

Photo of a person helping an elderly person.

Raise awareness, refer and promote visual health by offering resources, services and tools that contribute to improving the living conditions of people with visual disabilities and/or reduced mobility.


Photo of a lady.

Promote the maintenance of visually handicapped people, and/or people with reduced mobility, in their natural living environment and in the community, by offering means and services that allow them to develop their autonomy and their potential in the accomplishment of their their lifestyles.

Consultation and community life

Photo of three people looking at each other smiling.

In accordance with our mission, Le Bon Pilote strives to develop a dynamic and democratic community life by promoting the participation of its members at all levels.