Le Bon Pilote would like to offer its members a personalized and safe service through its experienced team of attendants. These people know and understand the everyday realities of those living with a visual impairment or loss of autonomy and provide support appropriate to their situation and needs.

The support provided by Le Bon Pilote is flexible, affordable and human, and allows its members to leave home safely and in good company. Attendants may, for example, stay put at the request of a member, or help him or her find their way through the maze of hospital corridors during a medical visit.

Le Bon Pilote provides assistance for daily activities: errands (grocery store, bank, drug store), reading, mail, etc. We can also recommend various resources for home care programs.

Le Bon Pilote

Le Bon Pilote is a non-profit organization which for 40 years has offered a support service for people living with a visual impairment or loss of autonomy in the Montreal region.


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